Poli Sci Feb 7 - Lecture 2/7 Federalists Response(Continued...

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Lecture 2/7 Federalists' Response (Continued) Madison believed that liberty was safer in republic with large districts because Factions are a threat to liberty (1 st paragraph) A faction can be either a minority or a majority of the population that has an agenda that is adverse to the rights of other citizens However, factions are inevitable and a result of liberty itself (5 th , 6 th , and 7 th paragraphs) The real question is how to control factions and their impact (10 th paragraph) We need to make it difficult for a majority faction to influence the political system. Example: The majority of people own relatively little property. Madison feared that this majority faction would oppress the minority of people who own a lot of property. Solutions: Democracy vs Republic Democracy can't be a cure because the majority faction will win in a democratic system (11 th and 13 paragraphs) A republic can solve the problem because of 2 features (14 th and 15 paragraphs) 1) Small group of representatives (large districts) 2) Larger population and geographical area per district Small group of representatives Allows for the sifting out of bad/dangerous ideas because: -With large districts there are many different groups that give mixed messages to the representative. The thought is that if a representative hears all of the arguments, he can choose the best one. -With a large district, the representative will not be “captured” by any one side. -It is more likely that larger districts will contain people who actually care about the well-being
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Poli Sci Feb 7 - Lecture 2/7 Federalists Response(Continued...

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