Poli Sci Feb 12 - Lecture 2/12 A "New Federalism"...

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Lecture 2/12 A “New Federalism” Continued -Limits of citizens ability to sue states -Narrow the reach of the Violence Against women Act -The court overturned the ability to go straight to higher courts for violence lawsuits. The justification had been that victimized women had an impact on interstate commerce and it was therefore under the jurisdiction of congress, but the court changed its ruling to say that it was a local issue instead. -The court argued that you can't bring states into federal courts and use their power to harm the states. No part of government can harm or destroy another part. In the 1990's, after 60 years, the court was pulling back from giving more and more authority to the federal government. However , federal government still hasn't completely removed itself from many areas. It was not a complete revolution in Federalism. In fact, the federal government has been brought into new areas such as education. So it was really a shift in balance rather than a “New Federalism.” Today's federalism is a recipe of cooperative with some fiscal and dualist influences. Conclusion
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Poli Sci Feb 12 - Lecture 2/12 A "New Federalism"...

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