Poli Sci Feb 19 - Lecture 2/19 Voter Turnout Continued...

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Lecture 2/19 Voter Turnout Continued Because of low turnout, politicians tend to pander to the interests of the people who vote, resulting in an unrepresentative sample of old, white, well educated people indirectly making most of the decisions. Possible explanations for low turnout Cognitive Explanation -Education and info processing are key to voting. Those people who are able to analyze the election will be more likely to vote because they feel that they have a stake in what happens. -Whether you vote depends on how you feel about your influence, it is internally driven. Rational / Environmental explanation -Not so much about cognitive capacity -People vote if they feel that the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs -Turnout depends on the political system and is externally driven. Is voting easy? Do I see an important difference between the candidates? -Benefits: How big a difference is it to a voter if candidate A wins instead of candidate B? If it's not much, that voter will probably not vote. -Costs: The cost of getting informed, taking the time to get registered, taking the time to actually go out and vote What has changed historically to affect voter turnout? Democratic and Republican parties became more similar. There is less of a difference, so voting won't change as much as it would have. Benefit: down
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Poli Sci Feb 19 - Lecture 2/19 Voter Turnout Continued...

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