Poli Sci Feb 28 - Public opinion to policy: obstacles...

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Unformatted text preview: Public opinion to policy: obstacles (continued) • What is “the public” in public opinion? How do you define the public?-Value all opinions equally-Listen to the attentive public? Knowledgeable people? Those with an interest? Those without an interest? • Who is leading whom?-Politicians are both influenced by public opinion and try to influence public opinion.-President, parties can shift public opinion.-Match between public opinion and public policy can be true even if opinion had to “catch up” to policy Sources of public opinion: the media-Major ways we learn about politics: family, peers, school, group associations, public officials, activists, candidates-The media is a key agent in addition to these Three major effects 1) Agenda setting-The media tell people what's important and suggest relative importance of items 2) Priming-Providing certain criteria that guide viewer/reader evaluation of political objects. If there are a lot of stories about the economy, people will be more inclined to think about that more heavily...
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Poli Sci Feb 28 - Public opinion to policy: obstacles...

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