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Poli Sci Mar 6 - Lecture 3/6 Party functions Two major...

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Lecture 3/6 Party functions: Two major functions Legitimize the political system -Recruit candidates into the electoral process. The Constitution does not lay out a system by which candidates run for office. Political parties help to organize this. -Enhance leverage over public officials via the powerful tool of the party label. The label can be the deciding factor in getting someone elected. The party label allows people to make reasonably-educated decisions without knowing a lot about the candidates themselves. -Enhance the governance by bridging some of the constitutional gaps. The Constitution makes it difficult to enact policy. Political parties give incentives to politicians to work together between the branches of government. If people are mad at the president, other politicians of his party might have a hard time finding support. Mobilize citizens into the political process -Educate and inform -Deliver people to the polls. “get out the vote” -Combine social groupings and a variety of interests to create a majority group. However,
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