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Anth 143: Guest Lecturer: Lauren McCall National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) Cultural anthropologist [email protected] (?) Cutlural Evolution Dairy farming is an example of niche construction DIFFERENCE B/T CULTURE AND JUST HABITS/NATURE (IN THEIR NATURE)???????? Niche construction – actively construct their own niche (beavers), cooking (for humans)(change in time budgeting) Culture = niche construction? Social learning – What is culture? Social learning – our form is imitation, can teach each other, when Variation from one group to another that cannot be explained on the basis of genetic or environmental variation Cultaptation – 10000 pound prize social learning essay Culture = niche construction + social learning
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Unformatted text preview: • Group selection • E.O. Wilson – sociobiology o Said group selection- although it’s not always adaptive for groups to cooperate, • Major Transistions o Replicating molecules like DNA group into chromosomes o Single-celled organisms group to make multicellular organisms o Solitary individuals group into colonies o (the major transitions in evolution – book ) • Human culture evolves by (through cooking, in this example): o Varation due to social learning (e.g. in efficientcy harnessing fire for cooking) + niche construction (e.g. widespread use of fire for cooking) = change in social organization (e.g. around efficient cooking) •...
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culutralevoguestnotes3-27 - • Group selection • E.O...

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