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Biology 20A – Newspaper Article Review FORM ( This “extra credit” assignment can be worth up to 5 points - refer to course syllabus for details and instructions. ) Name: Sarah Smith Date: November 16, 2006 Article Title: Food Stamps, school meals feed decline in hunger in USA Newspaper: USA Today Publication Date: November 16, 2006 ********** Be sure to review the guidelines for this extra credit assignment. Instructions are located in the course syllabus. ********** Checklist: X Newspaper article source is from either USA Today, Reading Eagle, or New York Times – no web-based article accepted. Failure to do so: minus 5 points. X Newspaper source obtained within Sept. 6 through Nov. 17, 2006. Failure to do so: minus 5 points. X Newspaper article is photocopied (one or more pages if necessary), with the date included on the photocopy. Failure to do so: minus 5 points. X Review is stapled to photocopy of newspaper article. Failure to do so: minus 5 points. SCORE:_________
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