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Anth 143: Lactose Announcements: *Extra Credit talk (re-scheduled) CLONED BEEF – 7pm 3/20 (thurs) Morehead Planetarium, Banquet Hall (5 pts. EC) Outline Human variation in Lactose Digestion What is it about milk that makes some people sick? Nutritional Ethnocentrism Genetics of lactose digestion 3 hypotheses o Cultural Historical Hypothesis o Ancestral Pastoralism Hypothesis o Calcium Absorption Hypothesis Myth Human Variation in Lactose Digestion All mammal infants need milk Some (a few) adults have milk-drinking phenotype And many (75-80% of all) have a milk avoiding phenotype Not every adult needs milk and don’t do well w/ it Lactose (complex sugar) part of milk that doesn’t sit well w/ them ^ digested by enzyme Lactase Most ppl around adolescent age stop making lactase Serious problems w/ milk o Malabsorption: appprox. 75% of world’s adults CAN NOT DIGEST milk (& may get sick from it)
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o Absorption 3 visible forms o One gets sick from drinking milk “intolerant” o One tolerates but gets less than full food value: “malabsorber” o One does just fine: “Absorber” All (adult) cats ever tested are malabsorbers Low levels of lactose intolerance among Swedish/swiss/European/Americans
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lactosenotes8-18 - Anth 143 Lactose Announcements*Extra...

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