Transcript of an Interview with Emily Sloan

Transcript of an Interview with Emily Sloan - Transcript of...

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Emily Sloan (Interviewee) Parker Watson (Interviewer) Assistant Public Relations Director Student First Health of the Carolinas UNC- Chapel Hill (910) 715 5376 PID: 711973457 Parker Watson: I know a lot of PR practitioners originally got into the field by actually starting out as journalists. How did that work for you, or maybe, did you just go to school for PR instead? Emily Sloan: I actually went to school, I went to UNC-W and got my degree in marketing, and my first job right out of college was kind of a combo job of public relations and marketing in a very small hospital. Actually, it was the hospital in Sanford. Their role of PR and marketing was rolled up into one. My training was more in marketing, but PR was definitely an aspect of marketing; it’s a component of marketing. So, that’s kind of how I got into more of the PR field, and when I worked at the hospital there in Sanford, I kind of got…kind of developed a liking more to the PR side, not that I disliked the marketing side. But, I felt my strengths were more in writing and that sort of thing which fell more under the PR side. So, then, when I left the hospital there, I joined the hospital, First Health of the Carolinas at Pinehurst, and then my title, then focused more in PR. Then, my title is Assistant Director of PR, but I also still have some marketing components to my job as well. PW: OK, how do you feel the marketing component of your original job has helped shape you as the PR practitioner that you are now? ES: Well, marketing is all about identifying your customers’ needs and then exceeding and meeting those needs, which a lot of that, PR is definitely part of that. Public relations is communicating with your internal ‘customers,’ which would be your employees, physicians, here at the hospital, as well as our external ‘customers,’ which would be the general public: patients, visitors, that sort of thing. And, my job is to create and kind of maintain that positive image for the hospital in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, so it kind of rolls in together. PW: OK, when you first got into the profession, how did you go about establishing relationships with the news media, and did you have to contact them, or, I mean, did they contact you? ES: Well, I think I, when I first started, I think I anticipated them contacting me. So, before they did that, I wanted to develop that relationship with them, so I contacted, there in Sanford, just in our local media, reporters at the Sanford Herald, primarily those that covered healthcare and business. So, I made that contact with them and kind of asked if I could come over and tour the newspaper and kind of meet some folks there, meet the editor. We did that, and then we just went to lunch and that was just an opportunity for me to be able to tell him a little bit about me and just kind of get to know him and just develop that relationship. Those relationships are so important, especially in more negative situations when
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Transcript of an Interview with Emily Sloan - Transcript of...

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