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exam1 studyguide1 - Exam 1 Study Guide 1 The US Legal...

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Exam 1- Study Guide 1: The US Legal System 1 Sources of Law Fed. and state constitutions o 1rst Amendment: religion, speech, press , assembly, petition o 4 th Amendment: against unlawful searches and seizures, warrants without probable cause (media can’t be with the government unless on the warrant, such as on the show COPS) o 6 th Amendment: criminal defendants have right to speedy trial, public trail, and impartial jury o 14 th Amendment/Incorporation clause: no state may make or enforce a law that abridges the immunities of citizens of the US o State constitutions cannot limit protects, but can expand them Fed. and state statutes (legislation) o Fed. and state legislation are statues o Local legislation are ordinances o Statutes and ordnances may not violate constitution of US or applicable state o Preemption—means it has exclusive regulation and control, “trumps” other law Lorillard Tobacco Inc. v. Reilly (US 2002) Federal cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act Massachusetts Attorney General tried to issue regulations, but were taken to court Ban on broadcast/able advertising Mandatory health warning in ads, packaging
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exam1 studyguide1 - Exam 1 Study Guide 1 The US Legal...

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