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Presentation about TV - English Version The first...

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English Version The first television service began before World War Two in Berlin on March 22, 1935. It broadcasted for ninety minutes three times a week. People went to Fernsehstuben to watch television. These are like going to Internet shops today. During World War Two, Germany did not use television. They used radio and newspaper. In the West, the USA made the ARD. The ARD is the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der offentlich-rechtlicen Rundfunkanstalen Deutschlands. In the East, the USSR made the DFF. The DFF is the Deutscher Fernsehfunk. These channels were owned by the government. Much of Germany watched both channels. In 1952, the ARD and DFF made their first show. Then, few Germans had a television. Most Germans liked to go to the movies better. In 1963, the Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen started. In the 60s, ARD made Die Dritten. This showed local television shows. Television showed from morning until afternoon. In the 80s, private companies made channels. RTL plus (Radio Television Luxemburg) was
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Presentation about TV - English Version The first...

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