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Chapter 10 1. Tolomere shortening : After each reproduction of cells, there are less and less T-cells Free Radicals: effect of random events in the form of highly reactive chemical agents that causes aging Cross-linkage theory: organs slow down over time because they are used so often Failure of endocrine system : fails gradually because hormones die off over time 2 & 3. Motor Performance -Athletic skills peak between 20 and 35 then decline gradually until 60’s or 70’s then faster -Cont. training slows loss -Keep more vital capacity, muscle and response speed if active 4. Factors influencing health Social factors : 1) socioeconomic status- high income= good health 2) education- college= less likely to develop diseases b/c college is associated with higher income Gender: Hard to tell because women were not a major part of study groups until 1990’s. Women live longer and use health services more often. Ethnicity:
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