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Psy-Extra Credit - Kim plans to open her own practice of...

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Sarah E. Smith Psychology Extra Credit On November 10 th I attended the applied psychology workshops in the Franco building. I listened to two speakers talk about their time as students in this program and their plans for after graduation. The first speaker was Kim Snyder. Her presentation was on the stages of Storming, Norming and Performing. She accurately related her life to the forming, storming, norming , performing and adjourning cycle. This made her presentation more interesting and extremely easy to follow. Throughout her time here at Berks she has gotten involved in many campus activities that have helped her to manage her time better.
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Unformatted text preview: Kim plans to open her own practice of clinical psychology after grad school. The second speaker was Nick Angstadt. Nick took us through his college career by explaining the courses he took here at Berks. He decided to study psychology because he found that he was a good listener and people often came to him for advice. Throughout his childhood Nick had trouble with ADD and also with speech. Overcoming these things helped put him on the right track to completing this program. Nick plans to take a year off and then attend grad school. He wants to work with kids in his future....
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