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Soc 100 Exam 4 Findings from Fragile Families Research Followed birth cohort of 5,000 children born to unwed parents in 2000 Findings 1. At time of birth 1/2 if unmarried moms are living with the father of the children 1/3 are romantically involved, living apart; "visiting relationships" 8% "just friends" 9% no contact 1. 80% of fathers provided financial support during pregnancy 1. 79% of children take dad's last name 1. 20% of noncustodial fathers earn less that $6,000 annually Divorce 1. Old Advesary System Fault divorce; "…had an affair." 1. No fault divorce (have in U.S. now) "Just don't get along." Doesn't work with covenant marriages Women report a loss in their standard of living Men experience a much smaller loss in standard of living (and rebound quickly) Court awarded child support is generally inadequate for caring for a child 1. Migratory divorce Get divorced somewhere else if can't get divorced in own state Dominican Republic (24 hour divorce) 1. Divorce by mail C.A.: married less than 2 years; no kids; agree upon property Adoption Adoption Statistics 2.5% of people in U.S. adopted Anywhere from 25% to 40% of people say they have considered adoption (more Religious people) Findings from national surveys of adoption 40% of respondents are somewhat or very serious about considering adoption Hispanics most likely, then blacks, then whites Women more likely then men to consider adoption Domestic Adoptions - PA (law of state you live in) Birth mother give consent after 72 hours; birth father can give consent anytime Birth parents have 30 days to change mind
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Adoptive parents can pay for medical, legal services, and counseling Can advertise Adoption from foster care More than 500,000 kids live in foster care 118,00 waiting to be adopted State can take legal rights after being in foster care for 15 out of 22 months Among waiting to me adopted More males than females African American disproportionately represented 2/3 are 6 years or older The average length of time spent waiting to be adopted is 44 months (4 years) 52,000 kids were adopted from foster care in 2004 Percent Number Non-relative 16% 8,435 Foster parent 59% 30,884 Step parent 0% 56 Other relative 24% 16,624 Adoption eligibility 16% of States; must be heterosexual and non-single Florida is the only state that prohibits gay adoption Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota prohibit as practice Religion (mostly ascribed status) Definition: a system of beliefs and practices by which a group of people struggle with the ultimate problem of human life Basic Functions of Religion 1. Functions as a form of social cement (belonging) 2. Provides emotional support 3. Reinforces norms of society 4. Helps people through major crises of life Types of Religious Organizations 1. Ecclesia: claims membership of almost everybody in society
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Soc 100 Exam 4 - Soc 100 Exam 4 Findings from Fragile...

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