lecture 8 - poverty in the U.S.

lecture 8 - poverty in the U.S. - f Percent of poor people...

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Outline: Poverty in the U.S. 1. Who are poor in the U.S.? a. b. 13 million children c. PERSONS INCOME ($) ONE PERSON 9,183 TWO PERSONS 11,756 THREE PERSONS 14,348 FOUR PERSONS 18,392 FIVER PERSONS 21,744 2. Income by race a. White 44, b. Black c. Asian d. Hispanic 33, 103 e. Native 31,800 3. Population below poverty a. Race Percent living in poverty b. White 10.3 c. Black 23.9 d. Asian 10 e. Hispanic 21.8 f. TOTAL 34.6 million 12.1% g. US Census, 2003 4. Geographical distribution a. Average of three years b. New Mexico 20.8 c. D.C. 19.7% d. Louisiana 18.2 e. Mississippi 15.8 f. W. Virginia 16.7 g. Michigan 10.3 h. Indiana 8.3 i. Utah 7.9 j. Maryland 7.6 5. Highlights from 2002 a. There were 34.6 million (12.1% poor people in the U.S.) b. 7.2 million families in poverty c. There were 12.1 million (16.7%) poor children d. About half (49%) of the nation’s poor were either children or senior citizens above 65 years old e. Fayyaz’s Goodwill // Salvation Army story
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Unformatted text preview: f. Percent of poor people 18 to 64 years old rose to 10.6% g. Majority of poor people (76%) were white American h. Black, Native American, and Hispanics had a higher proportion of poor people i. There are 16 million Americans living in severe poverty that is a 32-year high j. One in three severely poor are children under 17 and two out of three are women k. Only 10% of severely poor receive any assistance l. One in three Americans will face severe poverty sometime in their life m. Over the last two decades, the U.S. has the highest poverty among 31 developed nations i. Mexico ii. Thailand iii. Hungary iv. Australia v. Austria n. According to one estimate, 58% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 75 will spend at least one year in poverty. Two or three will use public assistance...
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lecture 8 - poverty in the U.S. - f Percent of poor people...

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