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Judicial system and inequality outline 1. What is crime a. Legal description b. Intentional act c. Violation of written criminal law d. Committed without defense e. Penalized by the state 2. Characteristics a. Geographical location b. Time dimension c. Punishment 3. Why crime? a. Biological theories i. Lombroso and followers 1. Patchy beard 2. Long jaw/chin 3. Flat nose ii. Recent theories 1. Sugar intake 2. vitamin deficiency 3. hormonal influences 4. XYY syndrome 5. Twin studies 6. Adoption studies 7. Social biology b. Psychological theories i. Freud (Id, ego, superego) c. Sociological theories i. Anomie – when social norms break down – normlessness 1. April 26, 1992
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Social integration Durkeim 1. Protestants more likely to kill self than catholics 2. too much: cults shaving head, military stuff, 3. Not enough: you dont care what people think AT ALL iii. Differential association Sutherland iv. Labeling theory 1. Labeling of act 2. Labeling of individual innocent until proven guilty a. Only a criminal if you get caught 4. White collar crimes Judicial drama, like Judge Judy. This nasty woman, Judge Judy, makes more money than all of your judges in your national supreme court....
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