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lecture 12 - crime cont'd

lecture 12 - crime cont'd - 4 All groups commit crimes but...

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a. Psychological theories i. Freud (Id, ego, superego) b. Sociological theories i. Anomie – when social norms break down – normlessness 1. April 26, 1992 ii. Differential association – Sutherland iii. Labeling theory 1. Labeling of act 2. Labeling of individual – innocent until proven guilty a. Only a criminal if you get caught iv. Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) 1. Economic classes 2. Classes leading to poverty 3. Poverty leads to crime 4. Socialism eliminates most crimes v. William Bonger (1876 – 1940) 1. Criminal law and the ruling class 2. Capitalism and selfish individualism 3. Capitalism, poverty, and crime
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Unformatted text preview: 4. All groups commit crimes, but rich are rarely caught and punished 5. Som eliminates most crimes c. White Collar crimes i. Crimes committed by persons of respectability and high status in the course of their occupation and daily life (Sutherland, 1974). ii. Bribery iii. Government contracts iv. Political crimes d. Business crimes i. Monopoly ii. Misrepresentation in advertisements iii. Copyrights iv. Illegal labor practices v. Insurance frauds vi. Income tax frauds vii. Frauds in legal profession viii. Frauds in stock market...
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