lecture 13 - gender inequality

lecture 13 - gender inequality - Drunk Driving – 29% Use...

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Gender inequality outline 1. Historical view a. In Europe i. Views of social scientists? 1. August Compte says: 2. “Men are superior to women in physical, mental, and practical skills” 3. “Women are slightly superior to men in emotion, love, and morality” ii. Political significance? b. In Africa i. 70% of agricultural work is done by women c. In Asia i. China 1. Three obediences: a. To obey her father, husband, and sons 2. Confucious’s four virtues: a. Characteristics of a good woman i. Must know that she is inferior to men ii. Must not talk too much iii. Woman should pay attention to adorn herself iv. Woman should do all household work 2. Religious view 3. Biological view 4. Sociological view 5. Gender issues in contemporary societies 6. Case history of Phoolan Devi 55-60 cents for woman for every dollar a man makes SURVEY DATA Drinking – 86%
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Unformatted text preview: Drunk Driving – 29% Use of drugs – 42% Cheating in the exam – 41% Stealing – 30% Had sex < - 13 4% 14.16 34% 17-19 29% virgin More men: steal, shoplift, use drugs, drunk drive, 34 % females = virgin 21% males = virgin For juniors and seniors, 7% are still virgins – “Cool” “I think he is one of those virgins. He thinks he still has hope!” “If 55% of you guys have used drugs, look to the person on your right. Look to the person to your left. One of these two people have used drugs. If they don’t use drugs, you do.” “41% of you guys cheat on exams.” ”Yeah, teamwork!” “Feminists, and liberal women, we call them bitches!! Feminist woman, and liberal bitch! They are singled out as troublemakers!”...
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lecture 13 - gender inequality - Drunk Driving – 29% Use...

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