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lecture 14 - gender inequality

lecture 14 - gender inequality - Gender inequality outline...

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Gender inequality outline 1. Historical view a. In Europe b. In Africa i. Concept of Sati [Africa?] ii. Buying wives, dowry c. In Asia i. Abortion of female babies via ultrasound d. Arab countries i. Multiple wives allowed; multiple husbands not allowed 2. Religious view a. Woman in Judaism i. Primary role of a woman is as a wife and mother ii. Very limited role of woman in synagogue iii. Segregation of women from men b. Women in Christianity i. Primary role of woman is as a wife and mother ii. Church leadership – male only iii. Participation of women in the work force c. Women in Islam i. Women as subordinate ii. Extreme segregation iii. Very limited role in economic activities iv. Political, religious, and other leadership roles 3. Biological view a. Comparison between animals and homosapiens b. Genetic differences c. 4. Sociological view a. Functionalist viewpoint i. Division of labor ii. Instrumental (sciences, mathematics) vs. expressive (being kind, polite, interpersonal) roles iii. Male should be dominant and competent iv.
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