key terms ch 7 - 12 - Chapter 7 Important Terms Physical...

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Chapter 7 Important Terms Physical Development and Health Concerns anaphylaxis Asperger’s Syndrome Asthma autism Cognitive Development Causality Centration Conservation Egocentrism Intelligence quotient (IQ) Methylphenidate Multiple intelligence Occupational therapist Otitis media Preoperational period Recreational therapist Reversibility Theory of mind Two-factor theory of intelligence Information Processing and Memory Language acquisition decice(LAD) Long-term memory Metacognition Metamemory Morphology Phonology Pragmatics Recall Sensory information storage Semantics Short-term memory Syntax Zone of proximal development Moral Development Kohlberg Evolution of Moral Reasoning Preconventional stage Reciprocity
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Chapter 8 Important Terms Emotional Development and Adjustments Collectivism Individualism Egocentric Imaginary friend Play The Development of Self-Awareness Entelechy Self Self-concept Self-esteem Gender Identification Gender Gender identity Gender roles Gender stereotypes Harmonious parents
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key terms ch 7 - 12 - Chapter 7 Important Terms Physical...

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