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Lecture 14 notes - -Firstborn greater importance to...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Coopersmith: Parental attitudes associated with development of high self-esteem -Respect for children's rights and opinions -High self-esteem -Enforced, clearly defined limits Erikson: -Industry v. inferiority -Industry: ability and desire to try working and buliding -Inferiority: result of having difficulty when compared to other children who easily accomplish tasks, or the result of not being a Coping: -Problem-focused -Emotion focused Locus of control: -Julian Rotter Siblings: -Average of 3 children under age 18 in household -Differences in microenvironment
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Unformatted text preview: -Firstborn: greater importance to parent-Confluence theory: oldest sibling has richer intellectual environment-Resource dilution hypothesis: in large families, resources gett spread thin, to the detriment of all of the offspring. Sociogram: depicts patterns of choice among group members Gender cleavage: boys w/ boys, girls w/ girls Maccoby: factors for segregation-Differing styles for interacting-Girls have difficulty influencing boys Metacognition executive strategies Sheet1 Page 2 accepting of children...
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