Final Essay - Final Essay Nicholas Oakes Death a word to...

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Final Essay Nicholas Oakes Death, a word to strong to be related to something “social”, yet it is a problem in a city where brotherly love is the backbone of its name. A city that thrives off the image of brotherly love, a city that brings itself together to rally its sports teams, a city that prides itself in staying original. In that sense, it is a city that should not be as familiar to guns as Atlantic City to gamblers. The influx of guns in this city is breaking it to shambles, breaking its social network into a gang network, breaking its image of brotherly love into the same image a soldier sees when he walks into a minefield. Philadelphia’s citizens should not have to worry about their five year old sons harmlessly walking to school, or worry about putting cages around their windows. They shouldn’t have to worry about illegal guns getting into the hands of immature men and women who can not find the decency to talk things out, to stay out of illegal trade, or just to realize it doesn’t take an armed weapon to make them a “Man”. Guns make cowards, and Philadelphia is full of cowards, so many we can’t even keep track of where to find these guns. This problem leaves everyone living in fear, leaves mothers wishing they kept their teenage son in that night leaves toddlers without big brothers and sisters. Why? Because carrying a gun is cool? Because carrying a gun makes you a hardcore person? Because if you don’t, someone else
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Final Essay - Final Essay Nicholas Oakes Death a word to...

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