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Unformatted text preview: Useful Information #1 Population entire group with some identifiable commonality(s) Parameter some characteristic of the population Sample a small group taken from the population, a sub-set, that is actually studied or observed Statistic some characteristic of the sample, usually described as a number Representative sample a sample that actually encompasses all the variability within the population Random sample a sample in which every element has an equal chance of selection or inclusion; the intent is to gain fairness. Stratification technique used to manipulate a sample selection, prior to random selection to help ensure the sample is representative Sample size Related to the possible variability within the population More diverse, or variable, the larger the sample needs to be Observational study merely observe and record things about the sample Experiment looking for a causal connection , need to control for variability Control group constant except for the manipulated independent variable Test or experimental group manipulated Placebo used to ensure psychological unbiasness of the subject Descriptive statistics describes some aspect of the sample i.e. mean, standard Descriptive statistics describes some aspect of the sample i....
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Useful_Information__1 - Useful Information #1 Population...

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