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First Paper

First Paper - Pledge Parker Watson Lily Lai ANTH 146 006 18...

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Pledge: _______________ 711973457 Watson 1 Parker Watson Lily Lai ANTH 146 006 18 September 2007 The Self The I Ching and fake psychotherapeutic interaction involving the American university student at first may seem different. The I Ching appears as if an outside source determines what the plan of action could or should be. The psychotherapeutic interaction utilized the use of outside forces to compel a person to turn inward to make final decisions. However, under closer inspection, one may find that these two conceptions of selfhood, the I Ching and the scripted psychotherapeutic interaction with the student, are quite similar. The fake psychotherapeutic interaction was scripted; the answer to all questions was to be, “No.” The subject believed that he was going in for an outside view on his current situation. However, when the subject began to take advice from these unvarying answers, he began to take less heed of the counsel and internalize his thought. The psychotherapist originally told the
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