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Pledge: _______________ 711973457 Watson 1 Parker Watson Lily Lai ANTH 146 006 30 October 2007 Depiction of a Human Being Genesis gives a depiction of a human being in a way that implies that a human has the ability to create and choose but an inability to live forever. A computer program is similar in that it can create but cannot live forever. A machine is perfectly capable of creating another machine; this is, in fact, how many electronics are assembled. Assembly lines exist that are close to completely self-sufficient. Humans are no longer needed to aid in the creation of other machines because they have created machines independent enough to do so alone. Another similarity humans and computer programmed machines have in common is the inability to create without an aiding counterpart. Humans require a person of the opposite sex to procreate. Humans are necessary to at least flip a switch to begin the process of creation via computer programs. Although the human emotional
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