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BBH Study Guide Exam #2 Stress What is stress? Reaction of body to a threatening or challenging stimulus Stress Response NOT in our environment, it is what we perceive in our mind and body Physiological Changes -focused attention -fear -fight or flight Inhibitory Factors -feeding -sex -sleep Differential Stress Reactions -nature (active v passive, challenge v lack of control) -duration (acute vs chronic) -sex of subject( do women have their own specific tend and befriend reaction) Fight or Flight -cascade of biological and behavioral responses to increase survival rate -sympathetic-adrenal-medullary (SAM) axis activation SAM SNS activation (Hypothalamus) Catecholamine release (adrenal medulla) Fight or Flight Response (physical and behavioral) HAP Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) (hypothalamus) ACTH (anterior pituitary) Cortisol (adrenal cortex) Biobehavioral Stress Responses Tend and Befriend Assume: natural selection of female role to care for offspring Result: biobehavioral threat responses designed to protect self and offspring Calming/soothing behaviors
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Conclusion: high maternal investment Biobehavioral stress responses that maximize survival of self and Offspring TEND= quieting and caring for offspring BEFRIEND=creation of social networks that provide resources and protection Oxytocin -anti stress hormone -decrease BP -decrease anxiety -alleviates depression -released in response to touch -increases bonding and affiliation Three Stages of Stress 1) alarm 2) resistance 3) exhaustion Stress Symptoms: not easy to make decisions can’t meet deadlines fatigue even when not tired
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BBH Study Guide Exam 2 - BBH Study Guide Exam #2 Stress...

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