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exam 2 outline - OUTLINE I Nonpituitary Hormones Help...

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OUTLINE I. Nonpituitary Hormones Help Regulate Metabolism, Homeostasis, Develoment and Behavior a. Thyroid hormones i. Thyroid gland 1. triiodothyronine (T3) a. receptors have greater affinities for T3 2. thyroxine (t4) a. target cells convert t4 to t3 ii. Hypothalmus and Anterior Pituitary gland 1. control secretion of thyroid hormones iii. Function 1. Non human a. Vertebrate development/maturation b. Required for normal functioning of bone forming cells c. Branching of nerve cells during embryonic development 2. human a. cretinism 1. thyroid deficiency 2. retarded skeletal growth 3. poor mental development b. homeostatic functions i. maintain normal BP ii. normal HR iii. muscle tone iv. digestion v. reproductive functions vi. increases rate of oxygen consumption and cellular metabolism iv. HYPER/HYPO 1. hyperthyroidism a. high body temp b. profuse sweating c. weight loss d. irritability e. high BP f. Graves Disease i. Protruding eyes due to fluid build up behind eyes 2. hypothyroidism a. cause cretinism in infants b. weight gain c. lethargy
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exam 2 outline - OUTLINE I Nonpituitary Hormones Help...

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