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Prelim2dforBlkBrd - NAME CU ID PRELIM II Nov 1 2007...

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NAME: ___________________________ CU ID: ___________________________ PRELIM II Nov. 1, 2007 Academic integrity is expected of all students of Cornell University at all times, whether in the presence or absence of members of the faculty. Understanding this, I declare I shall not give, use, or receive unauthorized aid in this examination. ________________________ Signature of Student DIRECTIONS: 1. Use a number 2 pencil. 2. Write your name in the boxes in the upper left of side 1 of the blue computer answer sheet. 3. Fill in the appropriate bubbles under your name (or else you cannot receive credit for your work). 4. Write your Cornell ID NUMBER in column A-I under the words Identification Number in the lower left part of the blue computer answer sheet. 5. FILL IN THE APPROPRIATE BUBBLES UNDER YOUR Cornell ID Number. 6. This exam consists of 123 points. Your grade will be based on the percentage you answer correctly. 7. There are 12 pages to this exam. 8. Indicate your answer by filling in the appropriate bubble next to the corresponding number on the computer sheet. 9. There are TRUE/FALSE, MULTIPLE CHOICE and MATCHING questions. You will find specific instructions for each type of question within the exam. GOOD LUCK! TEST CONTINUES
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The following is a list of abbreviations used in this quiz: ECT = Electro-Convulsive Shock Therapy ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate HDL = High Density Lipoprotein LDL= Low Density Lipoprotein VLDL = Very Low Density Lipoprotein BMI = Body Mass Index VMH = Ventral Medial Hypothalamus LH = Lateral Hypothalamus DEXA = Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry CCK = Cholecytokinin TOBEC = Total Body Electrical Conductance Part I- True or False (one point each) (89 points) Directions: This section consists of statements that are either TRUE or FALSE. ON the computer answer sheet, fill in “A” for TRUE and “B” for FALSE. Each response is either true or false based on the entire question. (1 point each) A. Jack’s family has a history of heart disease so he’s worried about developing atherosclerosis. Which of the following things can he do to minimize his risk? 1. He should eat more Omega-3 fatty acids and less Omega-6 fatty acids. (T) 2. To maintain a low homocysteine level he should take a daily supplement of riboflavin. (F) 3. He should consume one ounce alcoholic beverage each day. (T) 4. He should replace the butter in his diet with margarine. (F) 5. He should take a half an Aspirin per day to reduce foam cell development. (F) B. I Wanna Cmifeet recently visited his doctor to discuss having gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight. I Wanna Cmifeet’s doctor gives him the following information about the consequences of such a surgery. Decide whether each statement is true or false. 6.
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Prelim2dforBlkBrd - NAME CU ID PRELIM II Nov 1 2007...

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