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ARC322 Quiz 2 2008 KEY

ARC322 Quiz 2 2008 KEY - 1 No sketch is required Positive 3...

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ARC322 – Winter 2008 Quiz 2 … 10 Points Name ___________ KEY ____________ 1. You have calculated a required section modulus of 100.52 in 3 . Which Steel member would you select based on the most economical member? A. W12x72 where S = 97.4 in 3 B. W14x68 where S = 103 in 3 C. W18x60 where S = 108 in 3 D. W21x57 where S = 111 in 3 E. W21x54 where S = 114 in 3 F. W21x50 where S = 94.5 in 3 G. None of the above meets the requirement. 2. A simple beam has a concentrated load at its center. Based on the conventions presented in class, does the load cause a positive or negative moment about the pivot point at R
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Unformatted text preview: 1 ? No sketch is required. Positive 3. A cantilever beam has a concentrated load of 1500 lb at its end and a length of 13 ft. What is the moment on the cantilever? Sketch required. 4. Jill weighs 85 lb and is sitting at the end of a teeter-totter 7 ft from the balance point. Jill’s dad weighs 203 lb. How far from the balance point must Jill’s dad sit in order to balance the teeter-totter ? No sketch required. 5. What are the two maximum moment formulas for a simple beam with a uniformly distributed load? M = w L 2 /8 AND M = WL/8...
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