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ARC322 Quiz 3 KEY - ARC322 – Winter 2008 Quiz 3 … 14...

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Unformatted text preview: ARC322 – Winter 2008 Quiz 3 … 14 Points Name __________ KEY __________ 1 Paragraph Essay with Required Diagram 1. Should the architect seek maximum strength (ultimate strength) when designing a structural member such as a beam or column considering stress vs. strain? Why? Use the A36 steel stress vs. strain relationship and ASD as an example for illustration (including appropriate sketch). I am NOT just seeking a simple “YES or NO” type of answer. You must also show me that you understand your Yes or No answer in your essay response. 10 Points Your Essay should cover the following points to receive maximum credit: No, the architect should not seek maximum strength. If maximum strength were used in the selection of a structural member, this would not allow any room for contingency and any additional loads would mean certain failure of the structural member. We can use A36 steel as an example. If a stress is applied to a structural member, it will deform within its elastic state and a...
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