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ARC322 Homework 23 1. Can columns undergo both axial compression and bending stresses simultaneously? Yes. There are a couple of common ways. First, they can be loaded under gravity conditions eccentrically which will create bending as well as axial compression. Second, a lateral load can be imposed on the column due to lateral loads such as wind or seismic. The lateral load will not negate the gravity load creating axial compression. The lateral load will cause bending in the column.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How is a short column likely to fail? By crushing. 3. How is a long column likely to fail? By buckling. 4. When designing a column for axial compression, would you use compression perpendicular or parallel to grain? Compression parallel to grain. 5. Is it generally necessary to check a column for horizontal shear? Not unless bending is expected through either eccentric loading or lateral loads due to wind or earthquake....
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