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ARC322 Quiz 11 2008 KEY

ARC322 Quiz 11 2008 KEY - B Steel to Steel C Aluminum to...

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ARC322 Quiz 11 Winter 2008 Name _______ KEY ________ 1 Why did bolts replace rivets in structural member joining? Bolting was more economical than riveting. 2 What is the most common high strength bolt grade generally specified for structural member joining? A325 3 What do squirting washers tell you when they squirt? They “squirt” when the bolt has reached its specified torque. 4 What type of shear is exhibited by the structural member joining shown below? A Single B Double C Triple D Can not be determined from This diagram 5 How many threads must be exposed below the nut to meet the required standard of care? A minimum of 1.5 threads 6 What metals can be easily welded with TIG equipment that can not be welded with MIG equipment? A Aluminum to Aluminum
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Unformatted text preview: B Steel to Steel C Aluminum to Steel D Aluminum to Galvanized Steel 7 What is the purpose of beveled washers in bolted connections? Typically for use when an anchor has been set “out of plumb” the angled washer allows the bolt to seat flat against the washer. 8 What threads do structural bolts have? A Coarse B Fine C Metric D ANSI 9 Which is stronger, welded structural joints or bolted structural joints? If properly designed and installed, they are equal. 10 What is the following weld symbol telling the welder to do? This symbol tells the welder to Field Weld All Around C and D CAN NOT possibly be correct because dissimilar metals CAN NOT be welded. Field Weld Weld All Around...
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