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ARC322 Quiz 12 2008 Name ____________ KEY __________ 1 What is light gage steel framing made from? A Aluminum B Aluminum coated structural steel C Galvanized steel D Brazed Steel E Galvanized Aluminum F Anodized Aluminum G Steel 2 What is needed if a light steel framed building is to receive stucco? A The stucco must be gypsum stucco B Backer board should be specified/detailed between the light gage steel frame and the stucco C Backer board is required over the stucco D Nothing is needed between the light gage steel framing and the stucco 3 What fasteners can be used for light gage steel framing? A Nails B Screws C Rivets D A and B E B and C F A and C 4 Define “rafter”. A rafter is a repetitive structural member that carries roof loads. The rafter is generally angled. It is a “type” of beam and runs between the ridge beam and wall. Roof sheathing is commonly attached to the top
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Unformatted text preview: side of the rafters to form a diaphragm. 5 What is a board foot? 12 in x 12 in x 1 in = 144 in 3 6 What is the family of wood generally used for structural purposes in California? DFL = Douglas-Fir-Larch 7 The wood 4x4 column shown below is a No.1 quality and, it carries an axial compressive load parallel to grain of 14,000 lb. ASD for the column is 1350 lb/in 2 . The contractor has removed an amount of wood that measures 1.25 x 2.5. Is the column within ASD? No sketch required. All calculations must be shown. 4x4 = 3.5 in x 3.5 in = 12.25 in 2 Less the notch 1.25 in x 2.5 in = 3.125 in 2 12.25 in 2 3.125 in 2 = 9.125 in 2 f = P/A = 14,000 lb/9.125 in 2 = 1534 lb/in 2 1534 lb/in 2 > 1350 lb/in 2 NOT OK Wood Removed Here by Contractor...
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