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REVIEW FOR EXAM 2: CAS 302 Spring 2008 This exam will cover Chapters 5,6,7,8, and the content from lectures, emphasizing weeks 6-10. Source credibility Source expertise Source trustworthiness Perceived similarity Source attraction Perceived similarity Claims Warrant Data Evidence Narrative evidence Statistical evidence Syllogism One-sides message Two-sided message Two-sided refutational message Implicit conclusion Explicit conclusion Fear appeal Perceived threat Perceived efficacy Response efficacy Self-efficacy Drive models Parallel response models Danger control Fear control Perceived severity Perceived susceptibility Subjective expected utility model Protection motivation theory Extended parallel processing model Guilt appeal Message discrepancy Source derogation Receiver involvement Categorical syllogism Disjunctive syllogism Organizational patterns Language intensity Verbal immediacy Qualifiers Denotative specificity Temporal immediacy Spatial immediacy Opinionated language Opinionated rejection statement
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