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Understanding Business Ethics, Second Edition Peter Stanwick & Sarah Stanwick Instructor Resource Chapter 2 The Evolving Complexities of Business Ethics Multiple Choice Questions 1. The tax shelter established by Promogroup is based on _____________ of royalties that go into and leave the Netherlands. a. the simple flow b. the net present value c. discounted cash flow d. internal rate of return 2. The country in which the holding company is established for Promogroup clients is ____________. 3. All of the following are mentioned in the opening case as Promogroup clients EXCEPT: 4. The Dutch tax shelters are viable only to artists who are _______________. 5. Approxi mately what percentage of U2’s revenue is generated outside their native Ireland? a. 65 % b. 75 % c. 85 % d. 95 % 6. _____________ is derived from the Greek word for character. Full file at Full file at
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