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February 21 notes - February 21, 2007 Vietnam, the United...

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February 21, 2007 Vietnam, the United States, and the Limits of Containment, 1964-1975 Why and how did Johnson “Americanize” the Vietnam War? -the war wasn’t his first priority but felt that if they pulled out too quickly N. Vietnam would take over Why did the United States fail to achieve its goals in Vietnam? What is the legacy of the Vietnam War for both Vietnam and the United States? I. Americanizing the Vietnam War, 1964-1969 President Lyndon B. Johnson, Vietnam, and “The Great Society” -wanted to take advantage of economic growth, redistribute wealth and reduce proverty, comes out of Great Society and programs, felt as though he had to placate anti- communist forces in US by fighting in Vietnam -becomes so expensive that it undermines the Great Society -similar rhetoric between Bush and Iraq and Johnson’s Vietnam talk § “Peace without Conquest” or “Why We Fight” (April 1965) Ho Chi Mihn’s Strategy: Fight in the South, Outlast the United States § The Ho Chi Minh Trail -about 40 or 50% has already turned over to the Viet-Cong, the US is clearly failing by 1964, Viet is also being supported by USSR and China and getting more and more support -US is on the brink of failure The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, August 1964, and Viet Cong attacks -two American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin, probably supporting south Vietnamese raids, intelligence—north Vietnamese fired on these gun boats, US protests
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-August 4 th , said Vietnamese to try to provoke an attack, but there was none, BUT Johnson goes before the people saying that THEY DID o New Evidence (October 2005) : No Second Attack, Manipulated Evidence -goes before Congress to get the new Gulf of Tonkin Rexolution (a blank check for the rest of Johnson’s administration to prosecute the war in any way he saw fit) -- new evidence saying maybe he didn’t lie but was fed bad intelligence
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February 21 notes - February 21, 2007 Vietnam, the United...

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