MMG 301 Study Guide L32.33

MMG 301 Study Guide L32.33 - MMG 301 Final Exam Study Guide...

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MMG 301 Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 32/33: Prevalence: the fraction or percent of a given population that has a disease. Common-source Epidemic: a disease transmitted from a single source, like a batch of contaminated food or water, that infects a large number of people. Outbreak: a sudden increase in cases above normal low levels; the occurrence of a large number of cases of a disease in a short period of time. Endemic: when a disease is present in a population at a constant, low level. Epidemic: when a disease occurs within a population at a higher than normal frequency. Pandemic: when a disease occurs over several continents. Mortality: the incidence of death in a population. Mortality rate= death due to disease/total number of infected individuals. Morbidity: the incidence of an infectious disease within a population. Morbidity rate= incidence of a disease(fatal/nonfatal)/total population. Carrier: an individual with asymptomatic or subclinical infections; can expose others to infectious diseases. Reservoirs: a place where infectious disease is maintained between outbreaks; can be inanimate or a living organism. Zoonosis: when a disease occurs primarily in animals but can be transmitted to humans. Vectors: live agents such as insects, rodents, ticks, fleas, that transfers a pathogen. Formites: an inanimate object, that when contaminated with a viable pathogen, can transfer the pathogen to humans. Sequelae: a pathological condition resulting from a disease. Superantigen: a pathogen product capable of eliciting an inappropriately strong immune response by stimulating greater than normal numbers of T cells. DTP Vaccine: a vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Pneumonia: an infection of the lungs, that has a fatality rate of 10-30%, even with aggressive hospital treatment. There are over 300,000 cases/yr in US. There is a vaccine available. -
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MMG 301 Study Guide L32.33 - MMG 301 Final Exam Study Guide...

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