ARTS150- test 3 review

ARTS150- test 3 review - The Alai Dar waza is the tallest(1...

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Unformatted text preview: The Alai Dar waza is the tallest (1) in the world. The height conveys two ideas: (2) and (3) . (a) muezzin (b) a per petual call t o prayer (c) minaret (d) Muslim control over the sur rounding areas (e) integration of Hindu and Muslim cultures waza at Delhi and the gopur a of the M eenak shi-Sundeshvar a Temple at M adur ai ser ve as (4) spaces thr ough which the faithful mov This str uctur e combines (8) elements with elements fr om (9) secular ar chitectur e. (a) t emple (b) sult anate (c) agrar ian (d) urban (e) harem/zenana luded in this M ughal miniatur e illustr ate two impor tant points about the visual cultur es of M ughal I ndia: (10) and (11) . of pr ints and engravings as they circulated between West er n Europe and South Asia nability t o master foreshor tening and linear perspective or trayed the highest ranking subjects in full-frontal stance por trayed the highest ranking subjects in full profile stance empera on vellum as the official medium of the Mughal emperor 12. The title of this work tr anslates as (a) book of kings (b) book of Hamza (c) book of Akbar (d) book of Jahangir (e) book of I slam Rajput ar tists and their patr ons and viewer s pr ivileged (13) as an act of (14) . (a) innovation (b) eroticism (c) copying (d) devotion (e) effeminacy 20. Glazed stonewar e vessels decor ated with cobalt designs ar e most closely associated with (a) I ndia (b) Pakistan (c) Thailand (d) Vietnam (e) Japan this monument conveys the (21) of devotion over a long per iod of time. I ts or iginal for m was (22) . one ical mound lation 23. bamboo 24. mist 25. r ock (a) proper conduct of a Chinese gentleman (b) imper manence of ear thly exist ence (c) Chinese lit erati paint ers (d) per manence of the divine (e) Chinese paint ers at the imper ial cour t. 26. This painting was pr oduced by a woman ar tist. (a) Tr ue (b) False 27. emper or, yin 28. empr ess, yang 29. self-teaching 30. divine wisdom, peace (a) f loral bands (b) phoenix (c) elephant heads (d) dragon (e) plant ain leaves ur ces necessar y to constr uct this complex invokes the tr adition of the fir st Chinese emper or Qin, whose commissions in (33) ar tist who pr oduced this painting of (34) founded a movement called (35) . hinese (a) the diamond mountains (a) souther n style apanese (b) the f loating world (b) K ano school orean (c) the Qingbian mountains (c) splashed or broken ink painting ietnamese (d) Mount Fuji (d) ukiyo-e ur mese (e) auspicious objects (e) tr ue-view landscape...
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ARTS150- test 3 review - The Alai Dar waza is the tallest(1...

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