ARTS150-test 2

ARTS150-test 2 - ment: The (1) image in the for egr ound of...

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Unformatted text preview: ment: The (1) image in the for egr ound of this composition functions as a (2) , connecting the image to the (3) tr ad 4 The title of this work suggests that it was commissioned by Francis I (d) Mar ia deMedici George I (e) Louis XI V Philip I V 5 This work comes fr om the movement known as (a) the French Baroque (d) French Rococo (b) Nor ther n (Protestant) Baroque (e) English Romanticism (c) Nor ther n (Catholic) Baroque her, painted at differ ent times and r epr esenting two sides of a deadly conflict, these por tr aits both symbolize n ration from foreign r ule of and the sit e of national and personal identity ources for industr ial production and the r ise of commercial capitalism d monuments from classical antiquity ubordinat ed t o the function of the church in local community life n a single image a var iety of plants that do not grow in the al det ail t o make an Arcadian landscape seem more real s him t o romanticize what some viewers might consider t o extract the beauty from Gods creation and then present r s New World species to convey the impor t ance of the landscape to viewers imper ial identity onstr ates the impor tance and influence of (33) , because it is an oil y on (34) called (35) by (36) . 34 (a) a sculpture 35 (a) Dor yphoros 36 (a) Praxit eles (b) a painting (b) The Nightmare (b) Fuseli e(c) a painting (c) Et in Arcadia Ego (c) Poussin (d) a sculpture (d) La Marseillaise (d) Rude (e) an engraving (e) Adam and Eve (e) Drer oduced in differ ent countr ies, these thr ee paintings call upon to e the r ising status of the ar tist in European society tionality in the expression of Chr istian faith or m of cor r upt gover nment, milit ar y and business practices he value of secular wisdom as an impor tant aspect of cultural y hat ever yone, regardless of mat er ial wealth or personal success, ace death fr om an altar piece that opens in thr ee stages. The ar tist used the as a way to convey the impor tance of (38) as the spir itual br idge er ing and potential sainthood. on M atch the painting to its appr opr iate categor y....
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ARTS150-test 2 - ment: The (1) image in the for egr ound of...

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