Exam1 - Exam#1 Bi 112 30 mc 5 matching 12 t/f 50 minutes to...

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Exam #1 Bi 112 30 mc, 5 matching, 12 t/f 50 minutes to take exam Prions are good proteins that have gone bad. Then it can accumulate in the brain and cause serious damage. Prion diseases originate in 4 ways. 1. Inherited mutation- the mutation of a single amino acid mutation creates a slight change in the protein which causes tissue death. Then either from your mother or your father you would obtain this mutation that would be with you from the rest of your life from birth on. 2. Sporadic/spontaneous- the mutation occurs in a not inherited sense but it instead happens in your lifetime while cells are dividing. Most likely the mutation is during mitosis. 70 percent of CJD in humans are originated this way 3. Transmission (food, environment contaminate)- when it gets into the food chain from animals eating other animals or eating the dirt as in Scrapie. 4. Metal imbalance theory- if there are high levels of manganese and low levels of copper. The manganese will bind to proteins and cause the diseases. Prion diseases. Scrapie CJV CWD Prions can cross species boundaries. - Similar anilmals it is very easy such as deer to mule deer is very easy but tis still possible for larger differences to be jumped too. Prions can survive against alchohol, heat, chemicals Bleach does the best against prions 3-5 years in the soil is not going to make the prions die Carcuses in the soil other animals look for salt CJD -Average age onset is 65, most common prion disease in humans. - 5-10% of cases are inherited, 70% of cases are sporadic. - symptoms mimic alhzimers.
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- kuru in new guinea spread CJD in the food chain because women and kids were fed brain soup. -another spread is throught transplant. -Kuru is another chain of CJD It spread quick because there were lots of prions. (megadose) CJDnv -mad cow disease in humans. -new variant - ROUGHLY 200 CASES in humans Prions close to home - Scrapie in Michigan - Mink farms in wisconsion. - Chronic wasing disease in WI CWD and transmission The transmission of CWD is similar to that of scarapie. Both diseases are seemed to spread very easily from animal to animal in the environment. Contaminated food Proions are absorbed in the guy by lymphatic tissue. Prions Multiplication Proteins cant self replicate. That prion can interact with good proteins and change shape. Then they clump and form bad things. Curable? All prion diseases are fatal Some promiseing treatments are out there Where are prions normally found and what is there function? One study found a strong connection to memory. Certainly a storng connection. Normally found coating neurons. But the function is unknown. #16 Metal bonds with prions Copper noramml bonds with prions. Proteins clump up with a prion disease and they they form big plaques. Then they leave
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Exam1 - Exam#1 Bi 112 30 mc 5 matching 12 t/f 50 minutes to...

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