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Unformatted text preview: FYS Globalizing Organizations: Final Review Overarching Course Questions What is the nature of globalization? *The nature of globalization can vary for each individual. Some see it as a necessary advancement in the changing of the world. Some see it as an opportunity for growth and personal advancement. Some see it as the leveling of the playing field. Some see it as an international connection because of improved and new technologies. Some see it as a job destroyer, others as a job creator. Some see it as a destroyer of culture. Some see it as inevitable whether it is good or bad. Some see it as a big monster that is doing more harm than good. Some see it as a way for the powerful to become even more powerful. What role do various actors play in globalization? • World bank provides money and therefore limits the expansion of ideas in certain areas • IMF supposed to create economic stability for a world which had just been through the trauma of a depression and the devastation of a war. Oversee a system of exchange rates, promote currency “convertibility” and act as a ‘lender- of-last-resort’ (supposed to be no strings attached…) o Liberalize, privatize, encourage foreign trade and transnational corporations. *Against protectionism, government interference, and capital controls. • World Trade Organization- aim to reduce national trade barriers and to stop the competitive trade policies that had so hobbles the global economy prior to WWII. • Social entrepreneurs come up with ideas and spread them around the world • Anti-globalists attempt to stop globalization… or at least reform it What are the critiques of globalization? *Globalization has many critiques. It is said to only benefit some while making life even worse for others. While it may level the playing field, it only levels part of it. It takes away jobs from the developed countries and sends them to the poor countries to be done under slave-like conditions. How is globalization being reshaped/resisted/challenged? *Globalization is being challenged both locally and globally. People write books about it. There are the TAN networks making a huge voice about it. People protest against it. People buy only locally made products. Be able to discuss the various points of agreement and disagreement among the authors we have read this semester....
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FYS_Globalizing_Organizations_Final_Review[2] - FYS...

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