2.14 - 2/14 (Thursday) SOCIAL MARGINALS: Anyone who is not...

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2/14 (Thursday) SOCIAL MARGINALS: Anyone who is not part of the aristocratic household Eg. Free peasants (kneamon), Micyllus, Brigands, beggars, the insane, cynic philosophers, hetairai HETAIRAI Two groups that provided sexual favors for men in the New Testament: Hetairai o Free women offering sexual services largely to younger aristocratic men before they get married or to those with money o Entrepreneurial occupation, on their own, do the best they can, they get gifts from their lovers o Some become one because of economic necessity o Others are young women from the chora and never found a peasant man to marry, they would have to leave home and they gravitate towards the city. They are largely naïve and uneducated and get caught up in being a hetairai o Others make it more deliberate Pornai o Slaves belonging to a master (usually a nouveau riche), master is some kind of a pimp o They service poor people, peasants, laborers, that kind of group LUCIAN’S Illustrate different kinds of Hetairai Crobyle and Corinna Corinna is Crobyle’s daughter Crobyle is talking to daugher about what she has done the previous evening – she had her first experience with sleeping with a man Crobyle is forcing daugher to be a hetairai because this could get them out of poverty – they are in poverty because the father has died Definition of what a hetairai is: by being with young men, drinking with them and sleeping with them for money. Crobyle has a vision of Corinna becoming a successful hetairai Lyra, a hetairai in the neighborhood, is a successful hetairai. Signs of success: she has clothes, gold, lovers, and slaves Crobyle gives instruction of what is involved beyond the definition… very courteous and graceful and demure….
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2.14 - 2/14 (Thursday) SOCIAL MARGINALS: Anyone who is not...

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