2.26 - 2/26/08 Pauline Romans 1-2 Corinthians Galatians...

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2/26/08 Pauline Romans 1-2 Corinthians Galatians Philippians 1 Thessalonians Philemon Deutero-Pauline 2 Thessalonians Colossians Ephesians 1-2 Timothy, Titus Hebrews Acts: focuses on apostle Paul Letters of Paul: two kinds we have in new testament that are attributed to Paul. 1. Pauline – scholars agree that these were from Paul himself. There are seven letters. We are going to use these letters when talking about the apostles 2. Deutero-Pauline – deutero (secondary or second) these are second hand. Not written by paul himself but rather my someone influenced by paul. Seven letters as you go down the list these letters are increasingly unlikely to have been written by paul. 2 thessalonians: 50-50 written by paul. Colossians: 60-40, Ephesians: 70- 30, timothy and titus: 90-10, Hebrews: letter that doesn’t even claim to be written by paul also doesn’t have an author given, only reference to paul is through timothy, so only through association. Scholars have generally set Hebrews aside. Letters are identified by recipients: eg. Romans - written by paul to chirstians in rome… Philippians (pg 240, 3:5) One of the few occasions when paul says something about his personal information He says he was circumcised on the eighth day. Indicates he was born into a jewish family. His jewishness he inherited from his parents. “member of the people of Israel” there twelve tribes and sees himself coming from the tribe of Benjamin. His being a jew explains a feature of him that we see in pg. 159 – Saul/Paul. Paul showed up at the last chapter of acts as a witness to the stoning of Steven…and he has always been called SAUL – this is his jewish name. starting in 13:9, we have the following: “but Saul, also known as Paul” from this he has been known as Paul. When meeting with non-jews, he uses Paul. Very first king of Israel was form tribe of Benjamin is named Saul so he is given this name. Paul is a latin name. gives us further information about paul. Pg. 169 21:39 “I am a jew from tarsus in silicia” he is a citizen of an important city. Notice what he then says in chapter 22 in this regard “is it illegal for you to flog a roman citizen… he says but I was born a citizen. .” his roman citizenship explains his latin name that he uses outside of the jewish culture. Paul’s social class – aristocrat. 21:30 paul attacked by jews,
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2.26 - 2/26/08 Pauline Romans 1-2 Corinthians Galatians...

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