2.28 - 2/28/08 There are two antiochs. second is where he...

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2/28/08 There are two antiochs… second is where he ended his second missionary journey After paul’s first missionary journey, a lot of non-jews became Christians 2 arguments with regards to being chirstians: - Jerusalem: need to be jew first - Antioch: no need to be jew Longest sustained teaching in gospel known as Sermon on the Mount Sermon on the mount - Traditional understanding ca. AD 30 o Sermon that jesus actually delivered - Scholarly Consensus ca AD 90 o Sermon is made up of teachings of jesus but seletion and sequence is product of author of matthew o Author Matthew composed sermon based on teachings of jesus Chapter 5,6,7 ideas tended to cluster there and absent in other chapters…the words righteousness occurred 6 times in gospel… only once outside this three chapters… these observations show that sermon on the mount seems to have been an independent source that author of mattew used instead of composed. Began to look at three chapters and began to come up with questions: 1: form, based on teachings conform best to an epitome. Sees these first three teachings as epitome of Jesus’s teachings. Can we date it and place it more specifically? Clues: when and where written. 5:17 – “do not think that I have come to abolish the law but to fulfill” - Scholars usually sees first have as rhetorical flourish. Beths says no. . first half taken as seriously as second. There really were peole who thought that jesus has come to abolish the law… true: paul thought J came to end law. Beths thinks first verse is an attack to what paul is saying… - Epitome taken at time when debate bet J and A is going on - If this could be confirmed he could then place this in Jerusalem in the mid to late 40s - For confimation. Goes to other verses 7:21-23 – mini judgment scene “not everyone who says to me lord lord …. Cast out deamons into your name… I wll declare to them I do know you….lawlessness” - god is judge and two group of chirstians - 1: expect to be accepted in kingdom of heaven (ppl in Antioch) - 2: is doing the law such as those in jerusaem - 1: rejected on the basis of jesus functioning as an advocate - language same as hunter of euboeia - jesus like cyltades is advocate, god is judge - people come and proclaim certain things but not follows the law are rejected - we see debate betw. Jerusalem and Antioch confirms. .
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7:24-27 – “… build house on rock. . founded on rock. . build house on sand.
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2.28 - 2/28/08 There are two antiochs. second is where he...

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