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3.4 - Term paper 2 Parable of the Rich Man and...

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3/4/08 Term paper 2: Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (April 1 st ) - interpret… draw from first paper - brief: author assumes that reader is going to bring to it all the cultural knowledge that they share - just hint something and reader will fill in what is not explicitly said.. - if you have novel that says so and so jumped in the car and sped away… we know that the person has to open the door, turn ignition, check mirror, etc… all of these are hinted in that simple sentence.. - come up with an interpretation of the meaning of the parable… work through the characters, the plot, the setting… Confrontation of two sides of Judaism - first have to be jew to be Christian… have to first take on responsibility of jewish law o rabbis are interpretators of these laws.. o jesus is legislator later on is advocate… o peter carried out this understanding - church of Antioch rejected this understanding (paul) o paul ultimately won because the first understanding became obsolete Acts 13-14: Paul went on to his journey with Barnabus - paul and barnabus leave Jerusalem and return to Antioch - then sent on to second missionary journey (chap 16-18) o map in course reader diagrams his journey… o Jerusalem – antioch – southern aisa minor – heads farther west to adgean coast (turkey) - Story starts in turkey o Acts 16:7: when they had come opposite…. Bypassing Myceia they went ton to Troaz.. general area is called Troad (ancient city of paul) which is nearby Troy… paul got pretty close to troy and was almost a Trojan… Troas is a city that people would go to visit o Paul had vision that he should go to Macedonia. o 16:8 – “they went down to troad” o 16:10 – “we immediately went…” author enters the story at this point… suggested by “we” he becomes a companion of Paul more technical language is used… Author is also perhaps a medical person… If you go through paul’s letters.. there is one individual who is called a doctor is LUKE Luke is presumably the author of Acts as well as the gospel of Luke… o They cross over Troad…went to Europe… down to Athens… and
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eventually Corinth… In Corinth (Acts 18): this section is signigicant for several reasons P found a jew called Aquila who just came from italy P supported himself as a missionary by being an artisan/craftsman… a tent-maker… someone who makes various things out of leather… like tents, shoes, saddles, etc… like Mycillus He works with Aquilla and Pricilla (a’s wife) o Problem of paul’s social status… He looks like an aristocrat… problem with this is he is also called a tent-maker… from example of Mycillus we know he is a social marginal… usual solution is that Jews are a special case.. while
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