Wastewater Treatment - in one of two ways a. Trickling...

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Wastewater Treatment Preliminary Treatment 1. Raw sewage enters plant 2. Large debris is removed by running the sewage through a bar screen. 3. Sewage flows through grit chamber Primary Treatment 4. Sewage goes in the primary clarifier 5. Water is motionless for 8 hours. Organic matter, sludge, settles to the bottom where it can be removed 6. Fatty acid and oily residue floats on top and is removed. 7. Clarified water from the primary clarifier moved to the secondary treatment tank. Secondary Treatment 8. This treatment begins
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Unformatted text preview: in one of two ways a. Trickling filter b. Aeration Tank 9. Water from aeration tank then goes into the secondary clarifier. Slow movement again allows organics (sludge) to settle. 10. Sludge from the secondary clarifier goes to the aeration tank. 11. Effluent from secondary clarifier is disinfected by Chlorine gas, Ozone, or high power UV lights. 12. Water is then released back into the environment. a. Back to reservoir b. Used for wetlands c. Used for irrigation...
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