Labreport2 - Stream Ecology Experiment Caroline McGough...

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Stream Ecology Experiment Caroline McGough March 11, 2008 Environmental Science- 140
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Introduction: The main objections for the Stream Ecology experiment were to compare several differences between polluted and unpolluted streams and to learn techniques for evaluating the quality of water in a stream. We began the experiment by testing the pond water three different times (to insure more accurate results.) Before my group began testing we created a hypothesis. The hypothesis was if water was polluted, there would have positive results for coliform bacteria, ecoli, and also a high pH level. Method: The method of procedure our group performed was testing the pond water, three different times. We used a test kit to test for: Temperature, pH, Total suspended matter, Oxygen concentration, total soluble phosphate, nitrogen (Ammonia and Nitrate), Coliform bacteria, free chlorine, and Alkalinity. With some tests you would have to wait for five or ten minutes for accurate results. Each test would then be repeated two more times. We took the temperature of the pond water by attaching a thermometer
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Labreport2 - Stream Ecology Experiment Caroline McGough...

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