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english 3 - Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan October 11, 2006...

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Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan October 11, 2006 Chandlee English 15-043 What is Laughter? Everyday people across the world experience the phenomenon of laughter. The experience of laughter usually involves a smile or grin and can be seen as a universal sign of happiness and joy. Whether you are a newborn baby, middle-aged business man, or retired grandparent there is a very good chance that laughter is an everyday occurrence in your life. Being that laughter is such a common incidence and virtually an unconscious behavior, many people pay little thought to this behavior and often don’t even realize they are doing it. Because of the general overlooking of this behavior, laughter has become largely oversimplified to a reaction caused by something funny or humorous that serves no significant use to the body. However, in reality laughter has been found to be a great deal more complex than that. Recent research has shown that the causes of laughter vary greatly from person to person and could be caused by anything from fear to frustration. Moreover, researchers have stressed that happiness is in fact not the cause of laughter, but rather laughter is the cause of happiness. By looking and examining the many causes of laughter and its effect on the body, it has become evident to researchers that this behavior is actually a way for the human body to regulate itself physically, mentally, and emotionally. The study of laughter is something that has not garnered much time or interest
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english 3 - Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan October 11, 2006...

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