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english 2 - Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan 3 October 2006...

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Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan 3 October 2006 Chandlee English 15-043 Alcohol Free Sports TV Over the last few years the Center for Science in the Public Interest has been working to eradicate alcohol ads on sports television. By using many different strategies, some clever while others are extremely unmerited, this agency has done all it can to get what it wants. I for one am opposed to this campaign and think that it is another step in the wrong direction for the upbringing of youth in America. Moreover, I feel the reason underage drinking has become such a problem in America, unlike many other western countries, stems from the sheltering of the youth from alcohol and has created an almost enhanced appeal of the product. The more and more agencies like this lobby to censor alcohol companies, specifically on sports television, the greater this problem will become. All teenagers will inevitably come into contact with alcohol and should be prepared for these experiences by being taught and encouraged to find what amount is healthy for them so that they do not hurt themselves. This campaign also contains many other flaws beside the one I just pointed out. By using extreme if-than statements and relying on unfounded assumptions this agency throws away a lot of its credibility. They seem to be so concerned with their own agenda that they will say anything to get their way, and in many ways this is an unethical use of power. The Campaign for Alcohol Free Sports is trying to back the NCAA into a corner by claiming that if they allow alcohol advertising at sporting events than they must
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Sullivan 2 support underage drinking. This is a total misuse of an if-than statement and is altogether untrue. The NCAA obviously never has and never will support underage drinking and the CFAFS is aware of this. Nonetheless the CFAFS goes on to state publicly that the
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english 2 - Sullivan 1 Connor Sullivan 3 October 2006...

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