Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality...

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Chapter 8 Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality Human Development: Stages Infancy (birth to age 2) Sexual Behavior in Infancy 0. Psychosexual development: Attachment with caregiver & meeting security needs 1. Infants need physical affection, warmth, food, anxiety reduction from parent 2. Body pleasures from nursing 3. Masturbation co-occurs with hand coordination (at 3-4 months); self-soothing behavior Childhood 4. Modern invention 5. Today seen as an exclusive developmental stage 6. Historically, children seen as miniature adults 0. Except in area of sexuality Children and Sex ? Innocence! Historically, children were seen as pre-sexual and innocent Overview of Childhood Sexuality 7. Most children ages 2-12 engage in sex play 8. Sex Play: self-stimulation, exhibitionism, and rubbing against others curiosity , not “sexual” in the way adults use the term 9. Reactions of parents and other adults reflects societal sexual beliefs 10.Parental role as sex educator: teaching child healthy self-respect and socially acceptable limits
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Early Childhood (ages 2-5) 11.A time of major learning about the body and physical growth 12. Toilet training intense interest in genitals and bodily wastes 13.Children start to ask basic questions about sexuality. 1. how parents respond sets a major tone for future development (disapproval could lead to shame) 14. Beginning of learning the sense of secrecy about sexuality Gender Identity Development in Early Childhood 15.Gender identity process begins Sexual Curiosity in Early Childhood 17.Very curious about their bodies 18.Self-stimulation more common now and in adolescence than in later childhood Sexual knowledge and attitudes for young boys and girls: Gender roles 19.Sexual play in young children is not motivated by sexual desire 20.Boys given more freedom to name & touch their penis than girls 21.Girls often taught incorrect terms for their genitals Questions a 3 to 5 year-old might ask:
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality...

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